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How to use Free Return for buyers from USA

How to use Free Return for buyers from USA

With’s  ‘Free Return’ service is available US mainland only ( developing Free Return service in rest of US territories and islands), you get an extra 14 days for electronics gadgets or 30 days Every Day, Home & Garden and Sporting goods as well (on top of the on-time delivery date) to decide if you want to keep or return the item for any reason. It is totally free.

Below are detailed process for Free Return:

Step 1. Open dispute as «Return Goods» correspondingly via the email: or live chat get some Return Case Number.

Step 2. Your return request will be verified within 2 days.

Step 3. Once after your return request is approved, ask for Get a Free Return tracking number at the dispute case within 5 days to get the unique Free Return label in time via email:, if not, your case will be closed as 0 refund directly and there won’t be more opportunities to reopen the dispute case.

Step 4. Download and Print the Free Return label.

Step 5. Pack your returned parcel securely.

Step 6. You must return the parcel with the returned goods and the printed Free Return label to any designated return point within 15 days Electronics and 30 days Every Day, Home & Garden and Sporting goods from the day you receive the return shipping label. If the shipment is not delivered within delivery time, the Free Return label will be canceled. The sooner you complete the return, the sooner you get the refund.

Step 7. Forward the Free Return label with the returns to the office clerk.

Step 8. Wait for your refund, which will be given once we have checked your item(s).