Enkhjin Healing herbal tea


Liver protecting tea . Ingredents: Slender saltwart, Safflower, Seabuckhotn leaf. Effects: Reduces the acetate accumulation process caused by degeneration of liver function , prevents damage to the cell membranes of liver , decompostion , protects from acute liver failure , and stabilizes normal function of the  liver , Protects liver cells from damage , improving blood cell regeneration and purifies blood, Common sea buckthorn has rich biological substances including carotenoids, flavonoids and those improve liver cells regeneration , cleans body, improve immune system. Add 1 bag of tea to 200 ml of boiling hot water. It takes 4-5 minutes for the herbs to absorb their wonderful taste, aroma and action, and if you cover them during the extraction time, the richness of the medicinal plants will reach you more.

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